5 Hacks

for Perfect Spring Skincare Routine

Winter is on its way out and it is time for our perfect skin to take the stage. Unfortunately in most cases the cold weather has taken its tall and the main beauty task ahead of us is to clear the damage and reset our skincare routine.

Unfavorable meteorological conditions usually overcome our traditional cosmetic protection as we are exposed to external factors such as low temperatures, wind, cold and extreme dry air indoors due to high heating. When we stack up the lack of vitamins and fresh foods in our diet, the post-winter syndrome of dull skin is inevitable.

The way back to the best version of your skin is a combination of only 5 steps, which we call BHS5:

1. Detox – start with a clean slate by using arbū’s Revivifying Toner that contains calming rose water, which soothes skin surface and reduces any inflammations or redness caused by external factors or by some more aggressive cosmetic ingredients.
Pro tip: do not wait for the toner to be fully absorbed before using other skincare products as moist skin surface is more auspicious for applying serums and creams.

2. Antioxidation – this is a complex step made easy by arbū’s magical black The Serum. Specially formulated with Bakuchiol – the natural alternative to retinol – this rejuvenating and lifting serum stimulates collagen production, improves skin elasticity and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, baobab, rose and evening primrose oils have strong antioxidant potential and are a powerful ally in fight against free radicals.

3. Nourishment – nourishment of the skin on a regular basis is the strategic third step after its proper detox and antioxidation in order to achieve its best possible state. The relationship between a sustainable nourishment and the overall appearance and functioning of the skin is scientifically proven. arbū has a beautiful variety of products that will deliver all needed “skin food” to the face and make it youthful and glowing. When we speak of nourishment we must not forget the delicate eye and lip areas. Black The Eye Cream provides intensive yet delicate care powered by green tea, caffeine, pomegranate, caviar extract, and a highly advanced probiotic complex. It immediately and visibly tightens and lifts the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as erases dark circles and eases puffiness.
Rose Graden Zero Waste Lip Balm is a wonderful final touch to the nourishing regime for your face. Replenishing vitamin E works to empower your lips barrier function while camelia and jojoba oils help to soothe your lips back to life in even the driest of conditions.

4. Hydration – if we have to highlight just one step for skin vitality, it will be this one. Without water there is no life, no beauty and no health. So, never forget to provide your skin with plenty of hydration both inside and outside, especially after the severe dryness that it had endured during winter months. arbū’s Rose Garden Plentiful Hydration Cream is enriched with rose water, rose oil, and extracts of aloe vera for maximum soothing effect and the added hyaluronic acid deeply penetrates the skin for perfect hydration. You can use it morning and evening according to the needs of your skin.

5. Protection – this is a step that you have to strictly follow all year round but especially in spring time. The skin has become more sensitive and vulnerable during winter months and needs extra care when the weather becomes milder and the sun stronger. Excellent ally in fighting against time and visible signs of fatigue is arbū’s Time Shift Advanced Wrinkle Erase Cream with Peptides Complex. With its carefully selected organic oils and the highly active complex of peptides this is the perfect skincare potion to protect your skin in transitional seasons, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and significantly improving overall skin texture.

Start the journey to the best possible version of your skin today. Stay consistent, follow our innovative BHS5 program and the results will amaze you. Our skin regime according to age in a nutshell is:

For young skin:
use Rose Garden Revivifying Toner followed by Rose Garden Plentiful Hydration Cream and Rose Garden Lip Balm as a finishing touch for the lips.
For skin that shows first signs of aging:
use Rose Garden Revivifying Toner, backed up by the magic of Time Shift Rejuvenation & Glow Cream with Diamonds, Elements Extreme Nourishing Eye Cream and Elements Lip Balm.
For mature skin:
use Rose Garden Revivifying Toner, accompanied by the power of black The Serum and black The Eye Cream as well as black Lip Balm.
*For every purchased set you get a discount
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