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Detox – BHS 0.0

The skin is a sensitive indicator of all kinds of organism’s deficiencies. The most effective way to improve the condition of the skin is to supply it with essential nutrients, both externally and internally. In order to start this process however first of all we need a clean slate to build upon. In other words – we should detox our bodies and skin before stacking all beneficial ingredients.

When your skin is not functioning optimally, there is stagnation in the dermal layer. This may mean that toxins have taken up residence where the fresh oxygen and blood should be. When you switch to organic skin care products, you allow your skin the opportunity to work hard to clear the toxic load. We have to remember that the skin is one of the body’s five organs of elimination so detoxification is one of its crucial jobs.

When we speak of ‘detoxing skin,’ the concept comes down more to what we can do to the surface to maintain it clean, smooth and protected from the outside environment harmful aggressors. Detoxifying skincare products are focused on removing things from the surface of the skin, such as dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, oxidative molecules from the environment and overall pollution. Indeed, left on the surface of the skin, those harmful substances can definitely contribute to the development of acne and an overall dull, dry, or rough surface and uneven skin tone.

arbū`s skincare products that contain antioxidants possess detoxifying effect because they incorporate in their composition powerful antioxidant compounds like vitamins C and E, which actually help reduce the effects of environment-related skin issues.  An excellent edition to the skin detoxifying program is the calming rose water that soothes skin surface and reduces any inflammations or redness caused by some more aggressive cosmetic ingredients. Other star detox ingredients in our portfolio are jasmine absolute and sandalwood essential oil as well as ginger, fennel, rosemary and black pepper. The overall concept o the brand is based on one of the most vigorous ingredient found in nature – rose oil. It also has strong healing, restoring and anti-aging properties, and adds vitality and balance to the skin.

For full and detailed detox regimen, we encourage you to take our in-depth diagnostic questionary and discover the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on.

Antioxidation – BHS 0.1

Antioxidation is a complex process that can be described in short as neutralization of various harmful factors such as free radicals, ultraviolet radiation and sun damage that can deeply harm skin cells. Free radicals in particular, by disrupting defense and restoration mechanisms, significantly contribute to skin damage and accelerate aging. Natural compounds present in plants exhibit antioxidant properties and the ability to scavenge free radicals.

Based on their mechanism of action, antioxidants can be classified as those that act on the levels of prevention, interception and repair. The antioxidant defense mechanism plays an important role in protecting the skin against oxidative damage. Plants are a rich source of biologically active substances that have a significant effect on human skin. The free-radical scavenging ability and antioxidant properties of plants are associated with the presence of components such as polyphenols, tocopherols, carotenoids, ascorbic acid, and macromolecules (including polysaccharides and peptides), as well as components such as essential oils.

We, at arbū understand the power of natural ingredients when it comes to fighting oxidative stress and have crafted our skincare products combining the most effective organic antioxidants to help you reset the youth and perfect appearance of your face.

Our products contain natural polyphenols, that have strong antioxidant potential such asgreen tea, jojoba, camellia oil, etc. Vitamin E (avocado oil), vitamin C (acerola extract) and vitamin A (bakuchiol, rosehip oil, carrot extract) are other powerful formidable antioxidants that can be found in nature as well as in arbū carefully curated portfolio.

Want to know what is the magic combination of arbū potions for you? Complete our in-depth diagnostic questionary and discover the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on.

Nourishment – BHS 0.2

Skin is the first protection of the human body and has many functions – it can control the body temperature, feel stimulation from external sources, and moisten itself by secreting sebum in normal conditions.

arbū`s discovery shows that nourishment of the skin on a regular basis is the strategic third step after its proper detox and antioxidation. The relationship between a sustainable nourishment and the overall appearance and functioning of the skin is scientifically proven. Functional anti-aging ingredients in our products include substances involved in the synthesis and metabolism of skin components (e.g., protein peptides and essential fatty acids) and those that inhibit the degradation of skin components and maintain its structural integrity (e.g., substances regulating the expression of enzymes such as matrix metalloproteinases and activating protein. We have also included some  dietary botanicals such as green tea, baobab oil and rosehip oil due to their ability to protect the skin from harmful UV-induced effects through their anti-mutagenic, antioxidant and free-radical-scavenging properties.

All arbū products are formulated with some of the most powerful nourishing natural ingredients such as evening primrose oil, baobab oil, green coffee oil and other organic gems that we have hand-picked and crafted for maximum boosting of youthful and healthy appearance of the skin. Of course, we have targeted several creams and tonics especially towards maximum efficient nourishment of the skin. For detailed diagnostic to discover them, we recommend taking our in-depth  questionary that will show you the exact products to meet the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on.

Hydration – BHS 0.3

Hydration is everything. There is nothing more important for the skin than sufficient levels of water that make it look young, plump and dewy.

Using advanced chemistry and our own RnD knowledge we, at arbū have developed a unique moisturizing treatment creams and toners that address the three critical elements to natural skin miniaturization. The ingredients of our products were specifically selected to bolster adequate stratum corneum hydration by supporting NMF, enhance barrier function by maximizing lipid content of the skin (macadamia oil, baobab oil, avocado oil) and replenish HA by supporting its synthesis and reducing its degradation (using hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol for stimulation of collagen synthesis).

The presence of water in the skin is crucial for maintaining its properties and functions, in particular its outermost layer, known as the stratum corneum, which consists of a lipid barrier. External exposures can affect the skin’s hydration levels and in turn, alter its physical properties as well as its overall appearance. The cells within this layer are embedded in a lipid-filled intercellular matrix, which allows for the skin surface to have waterproof properties. These lipids within this matrix play an important role in the maintenance of the barrier function and the control of trans-epidermal water loss.

Skin hydration refers to the water content present within the cells. An increased intake of water or the use of a topical hydrator permeates the cells with water and improves the ability of the skin to absorb additional moisture. Skin moisture is directly related to conditions and diseases that cause dry skin, such as eczema. Dry skin with low hydration level is generally accepted to be prone to having wrinkled, scaly, or rough properties, with the possible presence of cracking, reddening or itching, and less flexibility compared to normal skin.

The regular use of arbu skincare products is an excellent way to maintain an appropriate facial skin hydration level because lipids and oils, used in them, form an occlusive layer on the skin when consistently applied.

Want to discover the perfect arbū products for optimum hydration and plumpness of your skin? Complete our in-depth diagnostic questionary and discover the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on.

Protection – BHS 0.4

The skin is the human body’s largest organ and acts as an essential barrier between the body’s internal tissues and the outer world aggressive factors. The skin manages interactions with this diverse microbial community through multiple immune defense strategies that sometimes need external support such as specially formulated skincare for protection against different harmful ascendancy. 

The skin barrier and its endogenous protective mechanisms cope daily with exogenous stressors such as regulation of water evaporation from the body to the atmosphere, maintaining the lipid balance and many others. arbu`s products are formulated on the basis of powerful natural protection substances and possess the right mixture that will work perfectly for the particular needs and problems for each skin. We use a lot of organic oils and ingredients in our unique formulations such as rosehip oil that has regenerating, rejuvenating and healing properties and is the only vegetable oil to contain tretinoin (a form of Vitamin A) which helps to repair damaged skin, acne, and reduce wrinkles and scars as well as bakuchiol that has a natural form of vitamin A, which prevents breakouts, supports skin’s immune system and promotes natural moisturizing.

Want to know what  which arbū products provide the best protection according to you skin specific need and condition? Complete our in-depth diagnostic questionary and discover the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on.

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