Start winning

the race

against time

with bhs5



Constant innovation is the heart and soul of arbū. We are proud to introduce our unique interpretation of the latest scientific discovery – Biohacking. This is a science-based process that starts from within, and reflects the overall outside appearance of the skin, with focus of slowing down and reversing the natural skin aging process. arbū`s ingenious multi-pronged approach towards skincare and overall well-being is called BHS5 as this exclusive Biohacking technique is built on 5 compatible and super-structured tools:

arbū owns the craftsmanship to make all latest cosmetic industry trends work in your favor and Biohacking is no exception. BHS5 system is specially developed to beautify your skin in the most natural and effective way and results in arbū`s range of skincare products that guarantees visible results by precisely mixed and targeted premium ingredients, which come straight from nature. Each product is designed to give you all 5 BHS tools in a jar, yet each magic potion is focused on one particular tool for maximum result. Combining arbū creams, serums and toners the right way will enable you to hack your age anytime. To help you unlock this knowledge arbū has prepared a special, in-depth diagnostic system, which allows you to discover the specific needs of your skin and the areas and problems that you should work on. We encourage you to take this journey by visiting our diagnostic section (internal link: www.arbucosmetics/diagnostics) and embark on the path towards skin reset in the best possible way, empowered by skincare products of highest natural ingredients.


You can reset your skin any given day. There is no right moment, no preliminary preparation, no perfect alignment of the circumstances. You are your own game-changer. Start winning the race against time with BHS5 magic.

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Subscribe to our newsletter and save 15% on your first order!