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Healthy skin by definitions means normal, balanced skin. The widely spread dividing of skin types into dry, oily, combination and so on is just an expression of different skin imperfections and problems that need to be solved. Skin should be balanced in order to be normal and good looking. This means all its needs (internal and external) to be met accordingly. Turning this knowledge into a practical working system, arbū has crafted its unique BHS5 system, which takes care of each of the 5 fundamental pillars of balanced skin – detoxification, antioxidation, nourishment, hydration and protection.

Skin changes with age, this process is inevitable but can be managed in your favor with the right tools. BHS5 by arbū is the modern skincare super hero and is here to save the day. Erase all vexatious age signs by resetting your skin and turning back time with BHS5 unique set of steps that can be adjusted to the specific needs of each organism. Take the wondrous journey towards your new balanced self with us now.

We have developed a special in-depth diagnostic system that will decipher your skin code and turn its problems and concerns into real solutions by recommending specific combinations of arbū creams, toners and serums. Our brand is result oriented and works targeting each skin condition by its outer symptoms. You may come across some identical skin conditions during the diagnostics, so keep in mind that we are not repeating ourselves. This is just an expression of the scientific fact that same symptoms maybe caused by completely different reasons. In order to track down the base of your skin problem(s) we must go in to profound detail. Keep your patience and try to answer as punctual as you can. We promise you, strictness will pay off in the end.

Visit our diagnostic here and start resetting your skin now.

We promise you, strictness will pay off in the end.
Visit out diagnsotic and start resetting your skin now: