Brilliant Jolita – arbū’s brand ambassador

Jolita Manolova, аrbū’s brand ambassador, is one of the Golden girls of Bulgarian group rhythmic gymnastics and a fashion professor at the most famous Italian fashion academy. She is a World Championship medallist, creative director and woman with style and class, scoring “10 out of 10” in every field.

We love her passion and the grace with which she moves in Life and Sport, flawlessly balancing between her professorial work in Instituto Marangoni in Milan, her fashion projects and her family, who live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Today Jolita is sharing her secrets and everyday rituals on how she maintains her exotic beauty and what it is to be called “sei brillante” by the modern world.

ū: What has recently ignited your inspiration?

Jolita: My inspiration is everywhere, every day from the small things around me in my daily life. My girls inspire me! For example, from the moment I became a mom the colour black left my wardrobe almost entirely. But what has strongly inspired me most recently is Para-Olympic athletes. It’s amazing to see their attitude: “If it seems impossible, it means you can do it”.

ū: As a gymnast and a World Championship medallist, you were always living with the idea of Perfection – the perfect movement, the perfect performance, the perfect body… Isn’t it difficult to be always perfect?

Jolita - arbū's brand ambassador close up

Jolita - arbū's brand ambassador Jolita: Let’s talk about real life. My gymnastics career ended almost 13 years ago when I was 18.

Looking good is important for every woman and for my profession as a stylist and an art director and tutor in the most famous Italian fashion school it is even more important, but “perfect” was never the right word for me. Being perfect is boring. You need to be unique! To be curious, humble, smart, intelligent.

In Italian there is a phrase that describes all these in one “sei brillante”. It means that your aura and your eyes say everything. That is “perfection”.

ū: How do you define “beauty”?

Jolita: Beauty for me is not only how you look. It is a concept of living. Beauty is Passion, Beauty is Life, Beauty is You yourself.

ū: Do you follow any specific beauty rules?

Jolita: I’m a very, very lucky woman, because my Mom is the most inspirational woman for me. She is Korean and in her beauty routine the keyword is “simplicity” – a small quantity of products, with clean and natural ingredients.

ū: arbū also relies on clean and natural ingredients of a very high quality. What is your own feeling of the brand’s products?

Jolita: arbū is LOVE. Arbu is Perfection – the best mix of textures, quality ingredients and vision achieved.

ū: What is your preferred arbū product?

Jolita: Time Shift Cream with Diamonds is my favourite. And my kids absolutely adore the lovely texture of Hug from the Kids Collection.

ū: What do you think about the Clean Beauty concept?

Jolita: This is the future!

ū: Will you support our Buy arbū = Plant a Tree campaign?

Jolita: 100000 percent Yes!

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