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Clean Beauty

Clean beauty means pure ingredients, transparent labels, and environmental awareness. arbū complies with European Union’s strict beauty regulations banning 1,300 harmful and toxic substances.

But we have gone much further than that. We have implemented our own advanced clean beauty standards based on the latest scientific research and recommendations. And we only use high-performance clean ingredients with no harmful side effects.

Clean Beauty and High-Performance

Sophisticated consumers prefer clean beauty products — but they also want skincare that guarantees high performance and real results. 

We replaced chemicals that other premium brands use to address issues like sagging skin, wrinkles, or dry skin, with powerful active ingredients derived from organically grown plants. Acerola fruit extract, for instance, stimulates collagen synthesis and features in blāck The Cream. Pomegranate extract (starring in blāck The Eye Cream) reduces cellular damage from aging and prolonged exposure to the elements. And Arctic oat (the Elements collection) lends its powerful anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and strong protection from harmful pollutants. 

A leading innovator in clean beauty, arbū was perhaps the first organic skincare brand to use Bakuchi oil as a natural alternative to retinol. We also helped pioneer ‘green’ caviar, a plant-based alternative to regular caviar, for deep moisturizing and improving skin elasticity.

Our journey is so exciting because we aim to improve our customers’ lives with great visible results. “We are the new generation of clean beauty, creating precisely targeted natural skincare that delivers results,” says arbū founder and CEO Violeta Malinova

Organic Origins

At arbū, we created our beauty lines with the help of more than 50 organic ingredients certified by leading authorities including Ecocert, Cosmos, USDA, and OF&G.

We design our products with organic rose water instead of distilled water, the traditional skincare ‘filler’. This ensures that the arbū creams pack up to 100% active ingredients, for guaranteed results. 

arbū skincare products do not include fillers, parabens, artificial fragrances, silicones, PEF, artificial colorants, or GMOs. All our product lines are also cruelty-free.

Honesty and transparency are driving principles for us and the exact percentage of organic content is shown on each product’s label — between 80% and 100% on most products. 

Sustainable and Responsible

As a company, arbū follows the strictest sustainability standards and business practices. We use custom dark-violet glass jars and bottles, specially designed to protect natural ingredients. We also only use FSC paper boxes that are 100% recyclable. And, to minimize paper consumption and reduce our impact, all our marketing materials are in digital, not physical, form.

Please join us in giving back through our Buy arbū = Plant a Tree program. 

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