All beauty should be clean beauty. It's just that simple.


Our products offer 80-100% certificated organic ingredients and are combined with safe and innovative formulas to protect and nourish the skin. All formulations meet the strict Natrue and Cosmos organic standards.

Every product is infused with the very best of what nature provides. We’ve done it without artificial colors or dyes or questionable, synthetic ingredients. Each ingredient has a specific function for improving your skin’s health, without the use of fragrances or fillers of any kind.

We pour our significant ingredient Rosa Damascena oil into every bottle and jar to deliver an organic alternative to collagen injection and to achieve the natural,glowing and hydrated skin.

By using clean beauty we are aiming to create something radically new.

Passion for Pure

We want to help you realize the need for pure beauty. We believe the best way to do this is through the pure, regenerative power of nature’s plants and herb extracts. For that reason we created our unique and scientifically proven luxury skincare.

We have uncompromising standards that mean we’re committed to being as true to you as we are to ourselves. For years we have been developing  our own original recipes that represent the consciousness and individuality of our products. We have carefully selected the most powerful organic ingredients which perfectly match our views for a healthy lifestyle. Our technologists use a special combination of active ingredients in the maximum allowed dose to achieve the best cosmetic effect- radiant, elastic, and glowy skin without ever testing on animals.

For our products we follow guidelines even more stringent than those of the E.U. to eliminate over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients from our formulas.

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