How to care for your skin during menopause

Most common problems and best practices to overcome them

Menopause, which officially begins one year after a woman’s last period, brings with it some noticeable changes to the skin and hair. Studies show ( ) that women’s skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years of menopause. After that, the decline is more gradual. Women lose about 2% of their collagen every year for the next 20 years. As collagen diminishes, our skin loses its firmness and begins to sag.

Here are the most common problems your skin faces during this period and how arbū can help overcome each one of them. Our meticulously crafted 5 step system, called BHS5, has a hack for whatever imperfection that menopause could throw your way.

Dry skin

During menopause the skin loses some ability to hold water, so it can get quite dry, which is not only discomfortable but also especially noticeable in the mirror.

What can you do?

Using advanced chemistry and our own RnD knowledge we, at arbū have developed unique moisturizing treatment creams and toners that address the three critical elements to natural skin miniaturization. The scheme of their proper usage is BHS 0.3 – third step in your ultimate regime to fight signs of aging and reset your skin.

Refresh your face regularly with arbū Rose Garden Revivfying Toner. This product is the perfect balance between organic rose water and aloe vera extract, which makes this unique blend a miracle for dehydrated skin.

After toning your skin properly, never forget to apply moisturizer to lock the valuable ingredients in. The best choices in that area are arbū black the cream and arbū Timeshift Rejuvenation & Glow Cream with Diamonds. The unique formulas of the two creams are combined in perfect synchronization to restructure the skin at cellular level, refresh and smooth the overall complexion, while boosting cell energy levels. Feed your skin with caviar extract, jasmine flower extract, bergamot essential oil, sandalwood essential oil and other precious natural concoctions.

Slack skin and wrinkles

As collagen diminishes, the skin loses its firmness and begins to sag. Permanent lines run from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Wrinkles, that used to appear only when you smile or frown, become persistent and visible all the time. Due to lack of skin firmness large pores may also start to be more visible.

What can you do?

Apply arbū black The cream evening and morning to pre-cleansed skin. Thanks to its gorgeous and powerfully lifting formula featuring luscious caviar extract and rejuvenating rose oil, day after day the skin is re-textured, plumper and firmer revealing the truly youthful facial contours.

Rashes and easily irritable skin

Around the age of 50, the pH level of our skin changes – it becomes more sensitive, and women are more likely to develop rashes and easily irritated skin. If you have an existing skin condition, such as eczema or rosacea, this could worsen.

What can you do?

Take advantage of the benefits of magical arbū Time Shift Rejuvenation and Glow Cream with Diamonds that evens skin complexion and helps skin restructure by stimulating its natural recovery mechanisms. Visible results are guaranteed courtesy of precisely mixed and targeted plethora of premium ingredients, which come straight from nature. The powerful mix includes calendula flower extract, rosa damascena flower oil, rose hip oil, camellia oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil. Easily irritable skin needs all five steps (Detox, Antioxidation, Nourishment, Hydration and Protection) of our BHS5 system to feel balanced and calm again.

Tired looking skin with uneven complexion

Dull, lifeless skin is caused by a variety of factors, the main one being dehydration and lack of fresh air and sunlight, which is often an even bigger problem during colder months. As you age and approach menopause, you may also notice a more uneven skin tone with brown spots appearing. This happens because the melanocytes that create melanin are controlled by oestrogen. As oestrogen levels decline, the skin can appear paler, with more brown spots.

What can you do?

You can count on the double power of our strong yet kind to the skin arbū black Serum and Cream. Rejuvenating and Lifting Bakuchiol Serum is specially formulated with Bakuchiol – the natural alternative to retinol. It stimulates collagen synthesis, helps to reduce uneven skin tone, and boosts cellular regeneration. To top up the magic of our serum apply arbū black the Cream right after it. This cream is also ideal for sensitive, dry or atopic skin and will provide the much needed during menopause deep natural hydration to the skin. The BHS5 power is at your side at every stage of life.

Now that you know what changes to expect in your skin appearance during menopause, you will be able to overcome them using arbū power that is a balanced mix between science and natural ingredients.

Forget the menopause with arbū beauty protocol:

Rose Garden Revivfying Toner

Black Rejuvenating and Lifting Bakuchiol Serum

Timeshift Rejuvenation & Glow Cream with Diamonds or Black the crea

Final touch to avoid dry, chapped lips: Apply regularly arbū Zero-Waste lip balms that will protect and hydrate your lips with loving care. You can choose different lip balm with different colorful packaging for additional mood lift, whenever you need it.