No Makeup, Just Cream

No Makeup, Just Cream

Skincare is Self-Care

There has never been more need for us to prioritize self-care. And the experts all agree: skincare is an essential part of any self-care regimen.  After all, our largest organ is on constant display. Whether on our colleagues’ computer screens or in our photo IDs. It’s the first thing we see in the mirror when we start our day, and the first thing others see when they meet us. Amidst a carousel of beauty trends,  there remains one constant: the quest for gorgeous, glowing skin.  Because even if beauty is more than skin deep, nothing beats a good first impression.

Put your best skin forward with our Rejuvenation & Glow Cream with Diamonds. The luxurious and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle cream is formulated with diamond dust and almost 90% organic, botanical ingredients. Our signature ingredient, the Damascena rose oil promotes skin renewal and reduces the rate of tissue damage.  Additional key ingredients include frangipani extract, world-renowned for its high antioxidant content, tamanu seed oil which works to boost new tissue growth and to smooth and soften skin, and yerba santa extract for its anti-inflammatory properties and to revitalize the skin’s naturally luscious glow.

The result? A sophisticated and effective formula that will enhance your skin’s natural radiance from the outside, and boost its glow-inducing components from the inside. Your result will be even, supple, radiant skin.

Clean Beauty Is More Than A Trend

Beauty trends are always changing. What’s popular one season might be outdated the next. Beauty enthusiasts are always looking to discover “the next best thing”. But “the next best thing” is no longer just anything. More than ever, consumers are choosing clean beauty. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Clean beauty is at the core of who we are. We believe that a lifestyle in harmony with nature is the key to wellness. We know there’s no blush on the market that can replace your cheeks’ natural flush after a winter hike. Or no foundation to replicate that dewy, glow achieved after a good workout. That is why we strive to be as close to nature as possible and take our commitment to clean beauty to heart. We only use the purest and gentlest of ingredients in all of our formulations.

And while our devotion to the most natural ingredients will always be our priority, we also believe in striking the perfect balance between nature and technology. The Rejuvenation & Glow Cream with Diamonds enlists peptide technology with hexapeptide-11 to support the skin’s restructuring mechanism at the cellular level, and hyaluronic acid to increase water retention and plumpness, and to prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines.

Your Glowing Skin Is The Star

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing quite like being asked “What do you have on your skin?” and responding, “No makeup, just cream.”

So while beauty trends will continue to evolve, and products will come and go, your glowing skin will always be a classic beauty staple. Wear it as the perfect base under makeup. Or better yet, as the star accessory.