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A New Generation of Beauty

100% active biological skincare

We are the new generation of clean beauty, creating results-focused organic skincare in a glamorous form. We created arbū in our search for harmony with the natural world that surrounds us. Beauty is not just how you look, but how you live in accordance with your values. arbū embodies this balance.

Creating our unique products, we set foot on an ingredient with a history of more than a century – Rosa Damascena oil. The extraction of the oil comes from an old tradition of picking the flowers by hand before sunrise before the roses open and start to lose their fragrance and precious sap. The ritual is very difficult but that is one of the reasons why the oil is so extraordinary and it is often called the liquid gold because of the amazing benefits it possesses.

Our skincare products are outstanding not only because of the rose oil but also because all the incorporated ingredients are from 100% biologically active substances.

We replaced the plain distilled water with organic rosewater extracted from blossoms of Rosa Damascena to ensure pure and premium hydrolat.The benefits of the rosewater comes not only from the hydratation that provides but also from the energizing, detoxifying, softening and rejuvenating properties on the skin. However, the most valuable advantage is that when combined with other biological cosmetic actives it creates a unique crystal structure which doubles the cosmetic effect on the skin.

About us

An Interview with the Brand’s Founder

"We created arbū in our search of harmony with the natural world that surrounds us."

Violeta Malinova, clean beauty pioneer and arbū founder and CEO

arbū’s founder Violeta has always been drawn to living in tune with nature. An accomplished synchronized swimmer in her youth, she observed a regimen of wholesome food and natural remedies. And later, as a television producer and anchor, she instilled in her audience appreciation for sustainable living.

Violeta says she would not have been successful in building arbū without her husband’s support. A former diplomat and banker with global experience, Vlado is an avid cyclist and passionate supporter of green causes. He followed Violeta in realizing her dream.

"We are the new generation of clean beauty, creating precisely targeted natural skincare that delivers results.”

“Today’s sophisticated consumers prefer clean beauty products. But they also expect high performance and real results. So, we banished the chemicals used by most premium skincare brands and replaced them with precisely targeted organic ingredients. And we worked closely with leading dermatologists and lab experts to build arbū on a firm scientific foundation,” Violeta explains. “We are the new generation of clean beauty, creating precisely targeted natural skincare that delivers results.”

“Clean food for the mind and the body, along with care for the environment, are essential human virtues,” Violeta shares. “To Vlado and me beauty is not just how you look, but how you live in accordance with your moral values. arbū embodies this balance.”

arbū is the new generation of clean beauty, says founder and CEO Violeta



At arbū we believe that small everyday steps can bring about a big positive impact.

We take clean ingredients from nature’s apothecary. But we are serious about giving back: we donate and plant a tree for every blāck product that you purchase. (arbū comes from the Latin root for tree, after all.)

Every year, thousands of fans, customers, partners, team members, and media join our tree-planting parties in a wonderful celebration of beauty and life. So come and plant trees with us! Or just order your favorite product and we will plant a tree for you. Buy arbū = plant a tree!

So far we have planted 14 200 trees. Our goal is to reach 18 000 planted trees by the end of October 2022 and to increase them up to 100 000 trees till 2024.

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