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Sustainability is a journey, and we’re always exploring ways to reduce our footprint—from how our products are made to where they go when you’re done with them.


arbū Zero-Waste Lip Balms is our innovative and creative way of the visual identity of our sustainable products with which we are striving to change how people perceive it.  It corresponds to its label 100% – its packaging is completely recyclable and its content is full of organic oils. 

The history of our lip balms began with the creation of arbū cosmetics. It was one of the first bestsellers, which we were selling in a glass package. With time passing, we figured it wasn’t the most convenient choice and with the pandemic entering the stage – we completely shut its production in a search of a better alternative. We were strongly against offering our lip balm in a plastic container and that led to more time spent on figuring out the alternative in order to get it back to the top. 

Here it is now – bright, trendy, funny, glam, and 100% recyclable, the lip balm cares a new idea of sustainability.

We don’t use printed catalog and brochure materials


All the used packaging is 100% recyclable. The exterior product boxes are made of paper certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) – assuring that it was harvested and manufactured in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. To avoid unnecessary rubbish none of the packaging is wrapped in cellophane. 

The glass jars and bottles are 100% reusable and recyclable and are specially designed to protect the organic content in them (supplied by Miron Violetglass)

We are serious about giving back to nature.

arbū (whose name comes from the Latin word for tree) will plant a tree for every purchase from the blāck collection.

Each year, hundreds of fans, partners, staff, and media join our tree-planting parties in a wonderful celebration of beauty and life.