The 21 days detox program “Summer Colors”. Helpful tips how to better enjoy the program, energize your body, relax and breathe

Here are some important and helpful tips that you may desire to follow, so that arbū 21 days “summer colors” detox runs smoothly and in the most pleasant and satisfying way.
These tips and ideas will compliment greatly the weekly colorful programs, so that your body and skin experience to the utmost the detox benefits.

First, attitude. Tune to proper mindset – having a positive attitude on your side is always a great advantage. Embrace joy and lightness, and share the gratitude of doing something good for yourself.

Second, preparation. Preps do matter, so you should get ready for the detox program in advance. This means having a well thought of shopping list for each week (we will help with that), a good meal plan and a blender or juicer at hand. But if you don’t have those, don’t worry, eating fruits and veggies, the way they are (carefully washed), could have great advantages too, as you will have all the fibers that they are so rich in and stimulate your digestive system.
In case you decide to go for smoothies and juices just make sure to always combine both fruits and veggies, so that you have the calories intake under control.

Third, light mode. Try to avoid processed food and sugar as much as possible. To make it much easier for you, just follow the cue – “make it lighter” and apply it to any dish that you have – for example enjoy a salad with lighter or no dressing, add only olive oil, salt and lemon; if you are a meat lover – switch to chicken or sea food or replace meat with other protein dense food such as lentils, legumes, quinoa.

Practice moderation in terms of quantities too – have smaller (lighter) portions.
Thus you will be making easily better-for-you and truly nourishing choices.
Turning on the “light mode” really helps your body take down the load and relax, and it will be grateful to you.

Practise moderation in quantities

Fourth, stay hydrated. No chance to be missing this one – water. You know it.
Being well hydrated during the summer is truly important, especially when you are doing a detox, to help your body easily flush out and get rid of all the toxins. You need minimum of 7-8 glasses of water per day.
But let’s make drinking water real fun and take it to the next level.
A glass of water can be truly boring, but imagine a glass of water with a beautiful strawberry pieces, floating graciously in it, a slice of invigorating lime and some fresh mint leaves, it is not water any more, it is a self-expression with a style.Other ideas you can try: raspberry + lime + fresh basil / blueberry + lemon + fresh thyme / peach + orange + fresh mint / cucumber + lemon + mint / cucumber + strawberries. Water with its fruity twist  is also a great replacement of all sweetened and carbonated drinks, which you should be aiming to avoid during the detox program.

Fifth, next level, it is up to your decision to take your detox to the next level and reduce or eliminate gluten, caffein, diary or meat products during the program, as well as quit alcohol drinking and smoking to speed by the detoxicating process and help your body revive.

Six, enjoy selfcare practices. What can really make a difference and help the process of detoxication is that you commit yourself to selfcare.
There are some simple selfcare practices that you can really benefit from. You can do whatever feels right and enjoyable for your body and your mind – from having long lazy afternoon walks to yoga practices and meditation. Embracing the motion and relaxation can have an important role for your body, skin and mind detoxication, and help you stay focused, not losing sight of your health and wellness goals.

Finally, make it enjoyable life habit. Detox should not be overwhelming, it should be pleasing and full of taste too. Make it an enjoyable habit, as you should practice selfcare via proper nutrition and movement all year round, as well as be gentle and loving to your bodies – providing them with nourishing and wholesome food that they deserve every day.

Because #youarbūtiful.

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Your body will be grateful for the lightness, the vitality and the energy uplift, and you will be glamourous with your revitalized and healthy skin.


The 21 days detox program is developed based on our personal experiences and by no means should be treated as a professional medical advice. Any claims and statements in texts (arbū blog, FB page and Instagram profile), that refer to nutritional values and health benefits are based on commonly known facts and on information available to the general public.

We (arbū team) are not doctors, nutritionists or registered dietitian, and we do not claim to help cure any condition or disease. We do not provide medical aid or nutrition advice for the purpose of health or disease treatment.You are acknowledging that you are participating voluntarily in the program and you alone are solely and personally responsible for your health, life and well-being.